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Young Women


We are the young Pink Sisters from all over Australia!

In this day and age support groups have moved online as lives these days have become so busy and physically meeting up with each other is a challenge when medically we are compromised.

Our group started on Facebook which was formed by a young pink sister who lives in a remote area in QLD.  Girls from all over Australia and some from over seas were invited into the group and from there we have grown to over 2000 members. We all have such a close bond and rely on each other for support. The group has given us the opportunity to take control of our treatment, advocate for each other and know that we are not alone.

Even though we are going through tough times and our cancer journeys are so different, we have something in common. We are young. We want to get on with a normal life and still be able to do what young women do.

Going through breast cancer as a young woman presents many road blocks. One of them has become prevalent and that is financial. Going through treatment is not cheap and causes a lot of distress that we don’t want to be facing while dealing with the threat of death. Unfortunately it is a reality for most. There are a lot of breast cancer charities around doing such good work, yet there is still a need for one to take the immediate financial relief away from the individual to help carry them through their treatment process.
Hence the development of our charity

Did you know you can wait up to 10 years for a breast reconstruction in the public system? And if you chose to go privately, did you know the GAPS/Out of Pocket expenses can range from $10,000-$20,000? Just to make this clear, there is a misunderstanding that Medicare will cover this part of the treatment. Reconstructions are considered cosmetic. Yes Medicare covers the scheduled fee but the out of pocket fees the surgeon charge on top is not claimable. Most of us don’t have that kind of money, especially when treatment forces us to give up work and continue to provide for our young families. These demands can be tough enough without a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our charity is registered (and has DGR status) and we purely raise money to pay for medical bills for young women associated with their breast cancer treatment. We are run solely by volunteers and all moneys raised are devoted to this one purpose only. We have no hidden admin costs like many other charities around, so can be rest assured that however you support us it will be used appropriately.