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I felt loved and cared for


To the young pink sisters charity.

A huge thankyou to you on helping my family when we needed it. As a young mum, my world was turned upside down when I learned that my cancer had returned. I went from full time employment to nothing in a very short space of time. To top it all off, my local country hospital charges for MRI, which I had to have 2 of in a very short space of time. The cost of these made it stressful, as I was worried about paying the bills, feeding the kids and just managing everything.

The Young Pink Sisters came to my rescue!

The charity paid for some of my medical costs, taking a huge stress and strain of my family. I also didn’t have to worry so much. The whole process was amazing. I cant thank you all enough for helping us just when we needed it.

I felt loved and cared for.
Thankyou Young Pink Sisters for all that you do to help young women just like myself.

Cheers from Christie and family. xx